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Why we are the only rug cleaners in London that you should trust with your valuable rugs:

  • We are an IICRC certified company & members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. Also, we only use Woolsafe approved methods and treatments to ensure the safety of your rugs.
  • We are one of only a handful of companies in the UK using specialist dusting & drying machinery to clean rugs in the safest and most effective way possible.
  • We are the only company in London able to immersion wash wool and silk rugs. This is the safest and most effective of rug cleaning methods.
  • We can supply testimonials from hundreds of long term clients.
  • We can pick up your rug to clean at our premises and deliver back to your door.

Watch this rug cleaning video showing how we wash your rugs and read why our service is the most thorough in the industry.

Why Cleaning Rugs Requires Passion, Skill & Humility


It takes experience and passion to care for rugs. We have devoted ourselves to rug cleaning in London and continue to strive for excellence in a manner that can only be described as obsessive love for our craft. Every precious hand knotted carpet entrusted to us is a work of art which has been created with skill and devotion.


It is sometimes taken for granted that many of the weavings we tread over on a daily basis are in fact a woven encapsulation of the history and culture of a tribe or ethnic minority. Unlike many of the material possesions we covet and collect in modern life, a rug cannot be judged on the basis of it's monetary value alone.


An antique Turkmen tribal rug with a simple allover repeating gul pattern can be treasured as equally as an eye wateringly expensive wool on silk Isfahan city rug, boasting 600 knots per square inch and an elaborate design of arabesque vines proudly tagged with the master's woven signature. The city rug's value, while justified by the time and skill required to produce such an intricate and fine masterpiece, is created with a commercial motive that is trumped by the love and cultural symbolism that a tribal weaver imbeds in every rug she produces. It is this understanding which compels us to take the greatest care and attention when cleaning or repairing every rug that our clients assign to us.


Every hand knotted weaving is as unique as a fingerprint. This uniqueness permeates a rug's design, structure, composition and colour. Perhaps the most important of these and the one most owners are concerned about when handing their rug to a rug cleaning company is the colour, or more precicely, the dyes. Testing the dyes in a rug before washing is more complicated than sometimes perceived. Although the test itself is simple, the interpretation of the results requires experience when used to decide on a plan of action for a complicated wash procedure such as, for example, an antimicrobial bath to treat a mould covered rug. Imagine a situation where a weaving requires an antibactericide treatment yet dye testing shows possible movement of dyes in the rug. How can the rug be sanitised safely without bleeding the colours? This is just one example of a situation where only a skilled and experienced operator can be trusted to perform the treatment.


Passion and experience have their side effects, the most dangerous of which is pride. It's very easy for experience to cloud judgement when performing dye tests. Just because a similar carpet has been cleaned successfully in the past does not justify skipping the dye test and this author has heard numerous horror stories of rugs being bled by self confessed experts who's last words are always the same, "..but I've cleaned this type of rug a hundred times before with no problems". A dose of humility will ensure that any self confessed rug cleaning guru treats every weaving that crosses his or her path with the respect it deserves. This can't be repeated enough. 

By Nick Gonnella


Marketing Director at The Persian Rug Cleaning Company


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